Monday, October 3, 2016

Spell Writing Challenge: Relief spell and Spell jar for Mom

My spell Jar for my Mom

Relief spell and Spell Jar for my Mom.

Chamomile- to soothe
Nutmeg- to maintain health
Garlic powder- to promote health
Photo of my Mother
Small jar with lid
Fillable tea bag or cloth to make a sachet
Peridot stone- for protection prosperity, emotional balance, health, sleep- even better because my mom has actually touched it.
Light blue candle
White candle

Place a photo of Mom in a glass jar along with a small peridot stone. Put a pinch of nutmeg, garlic powder, and chamomile into a small cloth sachet or fillable, paper tea bag and add it to the jar. When you are ready set the jar on your altar and place a white candle and a light blue candle around, in front of, or behind the jar and say this spell:

Mother Goddess up high
Please look with caring, loving eye
Down on my mother who’s ill
And if it be your will
Heal and soothe jumping limbs
Heal and soothe emotions grim
Heal and soothe whole body and soul
So she might sleep and rest
I trust you know what’s best.

Light both candles and let them burn.

I'm leaving the jar unsealed with wax so I can refresh the herbs if need be. 


  1. I really like this one Hannah and I think a little later you should share these words with your mom and maybe a picture of the jar. I think it would probably make her cry to know about it. But a good cry. ^^

  2. This is beautiful. I lost my mother a few months ago. She was a troubled soul to say the least. So I love your jar for your mother. I would have followed your lead. Big hugs, Rasz