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H: Handfasting

For H I chose Handfasting not only because I want to learn the mechanics of it for writing but also because my girlfriend and I are planning to have this kind of ceremony for our own wedding. Me being Pagan and her departure from Catholicism (No, I didn't convert her and yes, we've had a very functional and understanding relationship, we accepted each other's personal spiritual path and respected it. Point of fact, neither of us cared what the other believed as long as neither of us was hurting anyone else) we thought decided Handfasting best suited us. 

I will be doing a little more research (and possibly adding to this post or making a part 2) when I purchase and read this book
simply because it seems to have different types of ceremonies such a Greek or Heathen style, the list goes on. We just haven't had the chance or extra funds to order it. So in lieu of having as much information as I would like to give, you'll have to take what I found on the Internet. 

A Handfasting is another type of wedding ceremony wherein two consenting people come together in a formal, equal, and loving partnership. Generally it is between two Pagans but it has become more a little more mainstream and those seeking alternatives to Christian ceremonies will have a Handfasting instead. For Pagans the oaths (vows) spoken are taken very seriously. They are sworn before the couples Gods and Goddesses and are very carefully decided on and discussed before hand and usually with the Priestess or Priest who officiates the ceremony.

What was really interesting, as I understood it, there are some Pagans who handfast for a year and a day. Some will renew vows after each year and a day and some handfast for life while still others do so for life and beyond in accordance to Pagan beliefs in reincarnation. 

In history, popular in the British Isles, some couples would declare their love without a state license. It was like a common law marriage because sometimes it would be weeks or months before a clergymen would stop in their town or village. 

Some men and women  would simply clasp hands in front of a witness or witnesses and declare that they were married. 

But handfasting kind of petered out for several years until the 1950s when the witchcraft laws were repealed and Dorren Valiente and Gerald Gardner looked for a non-christian term for their wedding ceremonies. They decided on "Handfasting". Thus the concepts was revived or resurrected within the Neo-Pagan movements. It used to be that a Handfasting would be done in secret with a couple's study group or coven but later it became more mainstream.   

Of course there are different variations of a Handfasting but some parts remain universal. Generally the ceremony is held outside, weather permitting. There's a making of sacred space, honoring of the four elements, a welcoming of all present, the Goddesses and Gods are called forth to bless the couple in their marriage and their future together. The couples hands are bound and they swear their oaths (vows) that will define their relationship, and then their hands will be unbound. Some people chose to remain bound until their marriage is consummated  while others take the unbinding as a token of their loyalty to each other to be together of their own free will. Rings are exchanged and the ceremony is generally concluded with the couple "jumping the broom". They both jump over a broom and it's a symbol of them crossing over from their old lives into their new, shared life together. After all is said and done this great event is followed by celebration and feasting!    

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Unintentional hiatus coming to an end...

I ended up taking an unintentional hiatus since my last post. I've recently gone back to college, online, and between that, some health problems, and general life stuff, I just didn't really feel up to do much here. I haven't done anything with my craft and culinary blog either. 

Things in my life have not truly settled down. In fact there is a very really possibility of my girlfriend and I making a move to another state very soon. Of course this could happen within the next few weeks to a couple of months, either way, we will be moving. So that's exciting! When we do move, I have a lot of plans for decorating, crafts, and honestly, I cannot tell you how much of a relief it will be to move and be able to spread out and explore everything with honest and true freedom to do so. 

That being said, because I generally have a lot of homework, I might post as much as I did in the beginning, but it will certainly be more than I have been in the last couple of months. I have a couple of Pagan holidays with pictures I want to talk about. I am also going to talk about some of the pagan centered events I've attended and will be attending, some more Pagan blog Project posts, and little things I discover or learn about. Witch or Pagan themed movies and music reviews are also other things I would like to feature here.  

Speaking of the Pagan Blog Project posts, I am working on one tonight (H, that's how sadly behind I am) and am playing catch up. It is my hope to have it finished and posted before I grow too tired and have to drag my ass to bed. Anyway, those posts are a going slow process and I'll research and write them where and when I can.   

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Quicky Witchy Update and Some Pagan Themed Music!

Witch by MariannaInsomnia
I have been very busy lately and I honestly can't remember if I have posted as such in my personal blog. So the jest of it is, I have gone back to school, online, to finish up my degree. We've also had company almost constantly, various errands, two deaths in the family and there might be a third (Skoora's aunt who's son died has sudden death syndrome so we are keeping an eye on her), and well there hasn't been much time for anything else. Oh, wait, I almost forgot, I have been to a ritual with a local pagan group (Inland Empire Pagan Guild) and gone to Beltane with them but I will blog about those experiences later.

Needless to say, I have dropped the ball across the board on all of my blogs. I'm going to try and fix that in the next couple of weeks. I do have two papers coming up.

In the mean time I thought I mention some of the music that I've been listening to here and there. I like finding new music to listen to all the time and went in search of Pagan music or Pagan themed music a couple of months back, about the time of Yule. I like Christmas Carrols but really wanted something more in tune with me. Well, I found a few songs over on Youtube to listen but I found more on Last FM marked under things like Pagan Folk Tag, Pagan Folk Metal, and so forth. So far I really like Lisa Theil, Wendy Rule, and Faun. Of course I love Blackmoore's Night and Leaves Eyes.  There are others but I want to listen to more of them before I post them here.

Here is a song by Wendy Rule called Deity.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G: Green Witch, well what the heck is it?

What's a Green Witch? What's a Grey Witch? Or Kitchen Witch or Cottage Witch? There are so many different types of Witches out there and some are so similar that's it's easy to get confused. Worse, there are a lot of differing opinions about what this type is or that type. A lot of the time I feel that we are limited in books and even when it comes to the Internet for even as much information as there is out there, there is twice as much confusion, and frankly, crap. Being that I am still searching for answers myself, since I still consider myself fairly new to being a Witch (a journey that isn't traveled and won overnight, and I am still narrowing down which path I feel matches me), I can only do my best in wading through the information like everyone else and finding the consistencies.

So, what is a Green Witch? Everything or everyone I have read can agree that a Green Witch is a witch who practices and or specializes in earth/nature based magic. Okay, so what does that mean? It means that Green Witches acknowledge magic and use it with the natural forces of our world to accomplish a goal. They do blessings, healings, and protection spells/wards and are generally pretty knowledgeable in herbalism. They draw on folklore and folk magic of the ancient cultures while connecting to world or forests. They generally grow their own herbs and consult plants, trees, flowers, and herbs for their medicinal and magical values. Depending on the Witch, belief in deities varies and many Green Witches acknowledge an earth mother or a series of nature spirits. Some times the Fae or the dead -the human and animal variety- will play a part in their traditions as well. Which ever, they meet the spirits or gods with mutual respect and equality.

A Green Witch doesn't fear nature or the woods and finds a sense of connectivity and belonging with the earth and universe. You can often find them in the fields or forests. Some will even leave their urban homes to find a comfortable place in nature or sometimes a they can find places in the park.

Someone I read wrote that the tools of a Green Witch are often home made. Well, I think that goes for more than just Green Witches. I have seen a lot of people make their own tools. Some would even say that it is better to make your own, you're putting your own energy into it.

Green Witches and Kitchen Witches are similar for all intents and purposes. However, Kitchen Witchery, as I understand it, seems almost entirely centered in the kitchen, hearth, and home from cooking, to herbal teas and remedies, wards, healings and protections and so forth where as Green Witchery is a lot of the same but is more out in nature rather than inside. I could argue that you could do anything in the kitchen outside but perhaps I am wrong.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

F: Familiars: Friends, companions, what they mean for me

A ruffled Yoda (my familiar) in the snow
 I have been having so much trouble writing this particular post. So, I think instead of giving you the history of familiars and what is popular thought or opinion, I will just give you what a familiar means to me. At the bottom, as I usually try to do, I've included a couple of links where you can see for yourself and so forth, and you are more than welcome to go do so. Both links have similar and differing opinions. 

For me a familiar is a friend, a companion, and a member of the family, and in some special cases even a soul mate. Not in the sense of lovers mind you, but in every way apart from that. 

When I was a little girl I had a cat named Cesar. He was my everything. I used to play under the kitchen table and sometimes smack my head and he'd be upstairs in my bedroom. The funny thing was, Cesar would beat my Mom, who was often in the living room, to the kitchen when I'd cry. Sometimes, Cesar was the only friend I had, and he was best. 

One day my Aunt called and told us that her cat had kittens. My Mom wanted one, Dad said no. You should have seen the way she managed to get one, it was fantastic! We came home with a
Yoda sleeping on my pillow/face
little ball of fur named Yoda (Dad named him that because when he got sleepy his ears drooped and his face scrunched up like Master Yoda from Starwars). Cesar kind of became Papa kitty to him. But not too long after that, Cesar fell ill. 

My parents took Cesar and our other cat, Pandora, to the vet on the same day. Cesar had a UTI and had already undergone surgery, our vet didn't think he'd survive another, and he wasn't getting better. Pandora was very old and my Dad thought she was looking for a place to die. In one day I lost my childhood friends. Yoda lost his playmates, his friends, the two older kitties who helped show him what being a cat was like. Yoda used to search the house meowing for them.

In the time after Cesar and Pandora's passing, Yoda and I spent a lot of time together. He decided that I was his and he was mine. We've played together, he's teased me with naps while I've tried to do homework, and he's kicked me off my pillow despite the fact that he has his own. If that isn't enough, he likes to sleep on me, or rather, he sleeps on my head and face.  

Taken with my crappy phone, Yoda resting on my chest.
He talks to me, tells me when it's time to go to bed, when it's time to eat (he's kind of bossy). I'm serious, we have full conversations. He's even chewed me out, mostly because I'm teasing him or if I have been gone too long. Yoda doesn't like it when I stay the night at a friend's house for one night much less more. (When my girlfriend and I were getting ready to take a trip to Seattle, Yoda sat on my desk and meowed at a wall sculpture we have of Herne. I don't know what he was telling Herne but he didn't sound very happy.) He also calls for me if I am in another room and he wants me to come see him. 

Through all of the silly antics, the bossiness, him stealing my pillow, my seat when I get up, bothering me while I've done homework, the licking of my eyelids to wake me up in the morning; Yoda has always been here for me. He knows when I am sad, when I am hurting, and when everything is fine or I am happy. He's let me know when someone isn't right or when someone was a bad dude. He's seen me at my worst and given me so much comfort and I've done the same in return. (He recently became really sick and we learned that not only can cats get diabetes, he's developed it. It was all those treats he so cutely conned me out of.) He is always near me and more and more, as he gets older and a little more frail, I find myself sticking a little closer to home to be here for him. 

I know one day he's going pass on. As much as it hurts, as much as I know it will feel like I'll be
Yoda and his pretty blue eyes
losing a huge piece of myself, my life, I know it's the way of things. 

Yoda embodies everything that I feel makes a true familiar. He is not a tool for me to use or draw from. He is not my servant. He is family, my friend, my little furry soul mate, and I love him so very much. But when it comes to my magical workings and practices, he is always welcome but not required or expected. For me it seems a crime to take that which isn't given freely or to make someone an unwilling participant or servant.     

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

E: The Elder Tree: a very useful tree

Elder Trees are amazing trees from their various uses in which you can use every part of them to some of the folk lore and myths about them. Some of those of the Christian faith, long ago, placed negative connotations on the tree, claiming that Judas Iscariot hung himself from an Elder Tree after he betrayed Jesus. They even claimed that wood from the Elder Tree was used in part of the making of the cross or that the cross was made entirely of Elder tree wood. Perhaps this is true, perhaps it was just another way for the Christian hierarchy to use something Pagans venerated and twist it to their particular agenda. I will never know for certain, I wasn't alive back then and people can speculate until they are blue in the face. It will never change the fact that this tree is useful in so many ways, but I will get to that in a moment.

For the more wondrous and mystical aspects, it's said in Irish Folklore that anyone who falls asleep under an Elder might never awaken. The fragrance of the flowers can transport you to the fairy realms.  (It's suspected that the strong smell of the leaves might have some mildly narcotic influences.)  It is also said that the Fairies like music from instruments made of Elder wood. Perhaps that is because the wood seems to make ideal instruments with branches having a soft core that's easily removed to create hollow, readily polished pipes. Not only can you make pipes from Elder wood but you can make whistles and chanters ( they are the piece of a bag pipe that you blow into).

Elder Trees were thought to be trees of protection and luck. If you planted one near your house it was said to prevent lighting strikes. Nowadays they are supposed to be of great help to organic gardening and can improve your compost heap or pile. Apparently the odor of the leaves repels files and so people hung batches of them from kitchen doorways and windows and even in barns to help keep the files away from the livestock. You can boil the leaves and spray the liquid around the house to keep bugs away and even spray plants to keep them free of pests. Trees were planted near dairies to keep the milk from turning and near bakeries or bake houses to protect them from the devil. People placed loaves of bread and cakes under the trees to cool and anything left overnight was considered a gift to the fairies.

Elder wood makes a bad source of fuel though. The sap and structure of the wood makes it spit and scream, which is a bit unpleasant. However there are many practical and medicinal uses of the Elder tree. It was believed that if a woman gathered dew from Elder flowers and washed her face, the dew would enhance and preserve her youthful beauty. Furthermore Elder flower water has been used for cosmetic preparations. Elder flowers have and are used in lotions, cleansers, and creams for skin conditions, and apparently even for serious eye problems. Elder flower tea before bed is said to combat cold and flu-like symptoms by bringing forth a cleansing sweat.

Elderberries have been used for throat complaints. They are a good blood tonic and the berries made into a syrup are a good cough remedy and has even been used to help anemia. Other uses for Elderberries and Elderberry wine have been to help sooth or take care of sciatica, rheumatism, migraines, bronchitis and catarrh, laryngitis, conjunctivas, and gout. The leaves can be used as an expectorant and purgative and even a diuretic, but they are mildly toxic and shouldn't be eaten raw nor should the berries.

Elderberries do make yummy jams and puddings, and tasty wines. Not only that but the ancient Celts and Britons boiled berries in wine and used it for black hair dye. The Harris Tweed Industry used the berries for blue and purple dye, leaves for yellow and green dye, and from the bark and roots they got grey and black dye.

So, whether it's from dye, to medicinal, to food and drink, for beauty, or protect your home and or ward off pesky bugs, to making musical instruments for yourself or to entertain the fairy folk, the Elder Tree is quite the functional tree.  

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

I present an argument for dream recall and dreamscaping.

A few years ago I started and read about half of Sliver RavenWolf's To Ride a Silver Broomstick and for whatever reason I set it aside. Things in life changed, grew complicated, and I shifted or rather put being a Witch on hold for awhile. Restarting my journey on the path two years ago, I've been reading a few books here and there, taking my time to enjoy the journey, and decided it was time to revisit this particular book. So far it was much the same as before, a lot I remembered and could skim over, but then I came to Chapter 8: Meditation, Visualization, and Dreaming, and suddenly I have a bit of a bone to pick not only with Sliver RavenWolf, but even with some members of the Pagan/Witch community. 

First let me state that I while I have an issue with one section of this book, it doesn't mean that I have found any of the other bits of information wrong or suspect. This book is actually a helpful source of information and has been for many many people. Also let me point out that I actually like Sliver RavenWolf's writing but let's get on to what I take issue with.

The parts on Meditation and Visualization are fine and dandy. I read through most of it mentally saying "yeah, yeah, yeah, I already know this," or "hey, I didn't know you could do it like that, cool beans". When I came to Dreaming everything was great until I reached the bottom of page 86 wherein she writes:

"A note about prescription drugs here. A friend of mine says that she, and some individuals she knows, always dream about blood under prescribed codeine. I know that after you have mastered dream recall, cold medicines sold over the counter or prescription drugs strongly affect dreaming. I do not suggest working with dream recall or dreamscaping when under the influence of any type of medication."

I'm pretty sure she's not implying anything or trying to be offensive but what exactly is she saying? Are those of us who have to take medication out of luck? Will we not have accurate recall or dreamscaping if we take meds? Does she expect us to purge our systems- probably not but I wanted to present the question anyway. Are we to be denied this particular avenue, if it is something we are interested in? It's certainly something I am interested in, I have some pretty crazy dreams, some reoccurring dreams that I've had for years, and some that leave me with the deja vu feeling in times of wakefulness.  

As a person who has taken prescription medication for ADD as a kid, anti-depressants for all of my short adult life, and recently pain medication for chronic pain, I find this rather annoying. You know some people take meds because they have to. If it weren't for my depression and anxiety meds, I probably wouldn't be here writing this blog at 2 am in the morning. And as a person who suffers from a herniated disk, disk degeneration in my lower spine, and fibromyalgia to top the cake, I can tell you that if I don't take my pain meds, getting through the day is much more difficult. 

Now I know there are some people out there who screech to the ceiling and rant and rave about how going "all natural" is the way to go, that we don't need all these chemicals in our bodies and so forth. I have a dear friend who was even been bitched at and told she should do just that, go "all natural". Maybe it works for some people, some people who don't have chemical imbalances in their brains, but for others it just doesn't work. Before anyone gets their panties or boxers in a twist I will tell you why I think this and why I will defend this belief until you are blue in the face.

Aside from my own person experience in not taking my pills as directed and the fall out of that, my Father was a corrections officer for over 30 years. Point being I have been exposed to criminals all my life. WAIT, I am not saying that all people with mental disabilities or issues are criminals and I will defend that point fervently until the day I die! Sometimes there is just evil in the world. What I am saying is that my Dad and I once had a discussion about some of his clients and why they were in his facility. It's actually very depressing. You see a lot of people who are for lack of a better term "crazy" don't believe that they are. So they don't want to take their meds. So they do something, get into trouble, and get sent to jail or to the corrections facility and are court ordered to take their meds. Well, they are fine while taking the meds and are able to function well enough or normally, to get back on the straight and narrow. When they have done their time and are let out, they think they are fine or just don't want to take the meds anymore and go off of them, and then they do something stupid or bad and are right back in trouble again.

In my everyday life, away from examples like that, I have seen a couple of friends who didn't want to take pills who suffered from depression or anxiety. I kept telling them to go to the doctor, see if there is anything they suggest, hell maybe even therapy. They would resist and fight and be depressed and suffer along and finally break down, go to the doctor, get medicine and it would be like night and day. I'm not saying they were 100% cured, but it would make enough of a difference that they weren't as bad off as they were before. 

What's my point? If the meds work, take them. Don't mess around with them, don't purge your system or skip doses. It's not good for you and honestly, I truly feel and believe you can still practice dream recall and dreamscaping while on medication. Her "normal" or anyone else's isn't your "normal" and that's okay. I feel that you can still have good and meaningful dreams and still glean all that you need to from them. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

D: Dragon's Blood, it's more than just incense and body oil

Most of the people I know have either heard of or have burned Dragon's Blood incense and or used the body oil. One of my favorite types of incense, it's a little heavier than most I typically like to use and has a little bit of a sweet  tone to it. Anyone who knows me knows I don't do sweet incense, I prefer something a little more woodsy, but for some reason there's just something pleasant about Dragon's blood that keeps me coming back for more. So, wanting to know more about it, I chose it from this week's Pagan Blog Project prompt list.

Dragon's blood, most commonly known for it's incense form comes from a several tree and plant species. It's Latin names are: Dracaena Cinnabari, Daemoorops Draco, Daemomorops Proqous. Folk names include: Blume, blood, Draconis Resina, Dragon's Blood Palm, and Sanguis Draconis. Dragon's Blood's gender correspondence is male, it's element is fire, and planet is Mars. Some deities associated with Dragon's Blood are: Horus, Mars, Aries, Shango, Shiva, Minerva, and Athena. Astrologically speaking it's primarily associated with Aries and Scorpio and secondarily again with Aries but also with Leo and Sagittarius. Its power is love, protection, potency, and exorcism. Dragon's Blood is also an anti-fungal, anti-viral, and an anti-bacterial.

Dragon's Blood has been, is, and can be used for various things but before I get to how cool some of these uses were and are, I'd like to impart a few words of caution. Before you start any type of herbal treatment it's a good idea to talk with your doctor or herbalist for the obvious reasons of allergies, what might happen in conjunction with any medication you're taking, and so forth.

Now for the good stuff!

The Romans used Dragon's Blood to stop bleeding, clean wounds, and to help with intestinal problems. But they also used it as a pigment for painting. During the medieval period it was used for alchemical and ritual purposes.

Medically speaking  it can help with menstrual problems, the lowering of fevers, stomach ailments, diarrhea (and won't cause constipation), wound healing, insect bites, and scars.

Dragon's Blood has been used as violin varnish by Italian violin makers. The Chinese used it as a furniture varnish and dye for paper.

As I said before most of the people I know use it in incense and body oil form. Lately, I've seen Dragon's Blood soap, shampoo, body butter and lotions, even candles and room spray. But, magically it can be used as an ink for writing and an ink for magical seals. It increases protection and banishing spells and can be used in rituals of fertility. It is said that it can bring lovers back and if you put a stick under your pillow it can cure impotency. When you burn it, it drives evil and negativity away and when you add it to other incense it increases power and potency. It's a powerful protectant when carried and or sprinkled around the house. And my favorite perk, if you want to quiet a noisy house, mix sugar, salt, and powdered dragon's blood, put it in a bottle and place it where it won't be found and that should quiet the house down. In my case, I'm trying to figure out just where the heck I'm going to hide it where someone won't bother it, which is a bit tricky.

You can buy Dragon's blood from various places on the internet. Diane from The Crunchy Pagan Mom Blog, says: "So long as you obtain true Dragon's Blood, such as the Dragon's Blood found in the Sangre de Drago tree, there are no known side effects". She recommends using legit Dragon's Blood and the site she listed was: Mountain Rose Herbs. AzureGreen also sells it in several different forms.


Scott Cunningham's encyclopedia of magical herbs

Sunday, February 2, 2014

C: Cauldrons symbols and tools

What do Cauldrons mean? What do we use them for? Are they just decorations and symbols? Yes and no.

Before modern convention, Cauldrons were used for cooking. They hung over hearth and camp fires boiling and bubbling with stews and other meals. But for Neo-Pagans and Wiccans, they are more than just a way of cooking, cauldrons are used for many things such as a ritual vessel, brewing potions or herbal remedies, and burning spell papers and incense. You could use them as candle holders or even in divination as scrying bowls.

 The cauldron is a symbol of the feminine, of the Great Goddesses womb, of fertility  and intercourse. They are linked to the west and water and associated with Cerridwen, Kali, and Hecatate.

There are many things you could use, clean up, and as someone else wrote "re-claim" as a cauldron from stoneware to a glass bowl, but the safest are those made of metal. Typically I have seen cauldrons like those in the picture above. They come with a handle and sometimes a lid and stand on three legs. Sadly, the largest cauldron I have seen is sitting in my Grandmother's front yard. She's using it as a flower pot and I suspect that in all the years she's lived in that house its been sitting there and is most likely rusting out.

What they mean for non-pagans. For the most part people generally associate cauldrons with witches and Halloween. Someone might set up a "witchy scene" in their front yard or in a "haunted house" for decoration and adding the element of something "wicked" to their Halloween party.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

B for Bloodstone

Here I am jumping into the Pagan Blog Project at week four for the letter B. I chose Bloodstone because A.) I have wanted to know more about these stones and B.) they are one of my birthstones. I kind of feel that I should know a little more about it and this is what I found out. 

The Bloodstone is a March or Pisces birthstone, the traditional one at that, but it is also the birthstone for Aries and Libra. It's element is earth and it's planet is Mars. It's name comes from the Greek word "Sun turner". Bloodstones are Heliotrope, a form of chalcedony mixed with crypto crystalline of quartz. The typical or classic colors are green and with red inclusions of iron oxide or red jasper but some inclusions are yellow and then they are given the name plasma. 

Bloodstones are found in India but can also be found in Brazil, China, Australia, the United States of America, the Czech Republic, and an outcrop on the Isle of Rum in Scotland. 

From what I gathered the Bloodstone is a stone of healing properties not just for the body and blood, which I will get to in a minute, but also the mind. Not in that it will cure Alzheimer's but rather that it will enhance decision making, strengthen the mind, and their vibrations will help to aid in dispelling any confusion and can assist us in becoming more peaceful and serene. They instill courage, strength and comfort. Give us a stronger sense of determination and help aid us in regaining personal power, raise self esteem, and help with organization. They heighten intuition  and in adjusting to circumstances or situations that we are unaccustomed to and better yet reduce irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience. So if you are feeling particularly bitchy, grab one of these, it might help. Oh and least I forget they assist in dreaming and increase creativity.

Healing Crystals for you says "If you have been fearful or vacillating when you need to take action... the energy of these stones gives you the confidence to face your challenges." 

As far as your chakras are concerned, Bloodstones work with the base or root chakra resonating within it, which apparently makes them strong grounding stones. The vibrations push away or repulse the negative energy from the your auric field, create positive energy, and bring your energy body back into balance. They can even help to overcome Geopathic and Electromagnetic stress.
For your physical insides Bloodstones are good for anemia, are a good blood cleanser. They detoxify the liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, and intestines. 

I suppose there is a little something or a whole lot of something for everyone in the Bloodstone, whether it's on a chakra, physical, emotional, or mental level. They seem common enough that they come in a variety of ways from spheres, tumbled stones you can carry in your pocket, or as jewelry and are easily bought via the Internet. I've seen some that are more expensive than others it just kind of depends on what you are looking for. That said, I feel that Bloodstones are fairly inexpensive and it's just a matter or shopping around if you intend to buy.

Words I didn't know and had to look up:
Vacillating- indecisive, irresolute, hesitant, fickle


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Under Construction

This blog is currently under construction and will be up and running soon!