Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Flower Full Moon, Daisy, Blue,

A couple of weeks ago was the Flower Full Moon. Amanda, a couple of friends, and I did a small, private ritual in one of our friend's back yard and for being almost on the fly, it was wonderful. We set up and decorated a table in the yard complete with candles and pretty things that represented certain elements. We each brought water (mine was a rose and lavender black tea blend I'd mixed up the night before) for the ritual and I made up some lavender lemonade for the 'ale'. 

Amanda took the lead with a really lovely script she'd written. Between calling the quarters, the ambiance of cool night air and the soft glow of candles, it was a really gentle and pleasant night. We also called on our respective moon deities. 

Sol and Mani 

For me, that's the Norse God, Mani. He and his sister pull the sun and moon in the sky creating the day and night cycles while being chased by two wolves. Eventually, as the lore states, the wolves will catch up. But for now, Mani and Sol continue their cycles in our skies. Anyway, it felt nice to call to him. I have said 'hello' on occasion but I don't think I ever really called him directly before that night. 

Mani wasn't the only presence to be felt during ritual. Amanda and our two other friend had their respective deities but it was the during the meditation that I got a little hint of surprise. The meditation began with us going into the forest. I always seem to go to the same place, little elements are added from time to time and leave their mark. This time there was a fell log that I dug into to pull out a glowing flower. My flower was a blue daisy and the little spirit with it looked like a bluish-white tinker bell. I suppose my subconscious was feeling a little bit whimsical at the time. I don't really remember much after that as far as the meditation goes simply because I was so centered on the flower. I knew there was something to it because typically when I envision flowers it's roses, orchids, and pansies. I was also centered on the color and what it was representing- which when you think of blue, you think of water and calm, or at least I do- which was what I was trying to in cooperate for myself this cycle. 

Later, I hopped on the internet and looked up the color meaning of blue and yes, it did hold many of the things I associate with it, but what was really surprising was the significance of daisies. They are Freyja's flower. With everything that has been happening the last several months I've felt so disconnected spiritually and worried that- and it's hard to admit this- that I was too weak and not doing enough spiritually to maintain a relationship with her as my matron Goddess. Of course then I would get into a round and round cycle of "no, that's just the depression talking, you're fine" to "nope, she'd going to be disgusted with you because you can't get your shit together and you're wasting her time". However, seeing that flower in that color felt like Freyja was telling me that she is still with me, not to worry and to relax. Comfort, excitement, and relief are the simple words to express how that feels. I told Amanda I wanted to plan some daisies or get some for the altar. It's only fitting that they should be there since they are Freyja's flower. I think giving some back to her is only right.