Thursday, June 9, 2016

Loki- the god people hate or love and my stance on him

Loki is the Norse god who brings about Ragnarok. As I understand it, most Heathens don't like him, some hate him, and some worship him. Then there are the Hiddleston fans who took up interest in him because of the Marvel movies. 

But me, well, I don't hate him, I don't dislike him, and I don't worship him. I see his importance as a catalyst figure in Norse mythology. He has a purpose and even though that purpose is to bring about the end, I don't necessarily see that as evil. I suppose you could say that I respect his function. I understand that he is a trickster and instigation God, that he messes with the other Gods and got Baldr killed (no, I don't like that), but in the end, I suppose I have a sort of polite indifference. Perhaps that is rude. Perhaps that will inevitably piss people off. Either way, that's my stance. Take it or leave it, but don't bitch about it. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

House Full of Gods.

Norse Gods

One day while Amanda and I were driving somewhere, I forget where, we got to talking about the Gods. When I think about the Gods, I tend to view them as friends, as teachers, as guides, and most of all, as family. Perhaps that's wrong for others, but it is what feels right to me. I don't know Amanda's opinion on the matter because I haven't thought to ask.  I might do that...

Since I regard the Gods so highly, it stands to reason that I feel they have some presence in my home. And given that Amanda has those she likes and works with or has welcomed into her life and I have the same or others, we wondered if they would like each other, if they would fight or argue or get along. But then we wondered where they would be in our house, which rooms they would frequent. Keep in mind that while I consider myself a fairly new Heathen that is not all I am and the Heathen Gods are not the only Gods in my life.

Anyway, here is what we came up with. 
Hestia and Brigid spend time in the kitchen and near the fireplace/ hearth and I can imagine them discussing recipes over tea. 
Hecate- I'm not sure where Amanda thought she would be. Perhaps by the patio door? 
Hern is in the bedroom, enough said there. 
The Fallen Angel Penemue is in the office/ library (while he is not a God, he has a special place for Amanda and he's got one with me as well)
Kwan Yin is in the living room sipping tea and offering motherly advice along with Frigg and Freyja, perhaps even Nerthus is there. Freyja is often in the living room but she is also in the office, and kitchen depending on her mood, and most certainly with me when I am out. Her cats, I imagine school Narcisa in what it is to be a helpful cat although, I don't think she listens. Freyja's boar is outside with Frey's. 
Frey, maybe in my garden, I'm not so familiar with him. 
Njord I see spending time with me near water.
Skadi visits in winter.
Tyr, I am learning about him as well but I imagine him hanging out with Thor at the kitchen table and outside.
Odin, I see him in the office/ library as well, perusing books.
Loki is generally spying on every one and everything so he can create a little mischief. (I will be writing a post about my views on Loki soon)
Bast is watching over Narcisa. 
Buddha sits outside beneath a tree or on my patio, and sometimes in the office/ library. 
Ganesh spends time with Buddha but also in the living room.
Mani visits us at night, shining soft moonlight into our house, checking on us while we sleep.
Amaterasu and Sol visit us during the daytime, and though they are bright, I thank them for their warmth and light.
At dinner time though, I see them all congregating around the dinner table. 

I am sure Amanda has more she could add and as you can see we have a house full of Gods. 
Where do you see your Gods residing?  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Things change so fast

I realize that it has been awhile since I have truly posted here. Yes, I am still doing the youtube pagan challenge, there are more videos on my youtube channel, and yes, I fell behind in doing that too. For some reason windows 10 doesn't like my camera so every so often I have to go and download the drivers for it. *sigh* Which is part of the reason why I haven't caught up with the pagan challenge. The part was due to school and IEPG (Inland Empire Pagan Guild) stuff and I am getting to that. 

I was an assistant organizer on the Inland Empire Pagan Guild's council. the IEPG is what you could call a non-denominational pagan group open entirely to the public. This meant that everyone was welcome, it was family friendly, and we did rituals and workshops exploring different magical elements and explored many traditions. It wasn't just Wiccan, Druid, Heathen, Kemetic, Native American Shamanism, it was all things. It was fun, most of the time, however when you can't get people to share the hard work and responsibilities, or do what they say they are going to do, or even work with you to help improve the group's structure, it becomes an overwhelming chore and what was once a positive, beautiful thing, turns dark with frustration, pain, and anger- just negative all around. I don't have the time or energy for that, especially not when I am finishing up my Bachelor's degree, looking at Grad School, trying to jump start my writing career, being a homemaker, and still trying to maintain a social life of some kind. 

So, after much thought, tears, and struggling, I stepped down from the council. It was extremely hard. The IEPG got me through a really hard time in my life. But I got what I needed from the IEPG. I formed some great connections with people and have a great group of friends, who have become family. I've learned many valuable lessons from these people, not just in the spiritual sense, but also in the life lessons sense. 

So what am I doing and where am I going from here? Not sure. I'm part of a Witch Club that is developing and I go to a Heathen friend's house whenever they host something. Amanda and I have been talking off and on about the possibility of starting something small and private within our home. We love the idea of a pagan book club and discussion group and thought even some practicum would be great, but we don't relish the idea of inviting everyone. We just don't have the room and sometimes, even people we enjoy socially, suck the life out of spiritual discussions or make them uncomfortable, so we're thinking invite only. But they are only ideas at the moment.