Sunday, October 2, 2016

Spell challenge

This month, it seems is a month of challenges. Magaly Guerrero has a Witches in Fiction writing challenge this month geared toward healing the world. Last year I'd wanted to join her challenge but didn't quite get my ass in gear. Since I've made the decision to make myself write every day again, this seemed like killing two birds with one stone. Not only that, but I told Amanda about this challenge too. She is interested but also had a writing challenge of her own to tell me about. 

Amanda's challenge is a spell writing one. It was sent to her by someone on facebook, back when she still had an account, as something that might be of interest, and I guess she's been holding on to it for quite some time. The challenge is to write a spell for every day of a month and while there are some prompts, Amanda and I both decided to write our own spells. Also, we aren't going to write one for every day of this month, but rather cut it in half, so that we write 15 spells, iron them out, and the next day preform/ do them. We'll be writing our own personal spells, I haven't asked if she wants or wanted to combine our efforts or not on that end, but we will probably preform some together. Tonight, for instance, we are doing her protection spell which she posted here

Since I am getting around to sitting down to work on mine late, all I have is a rough draft of spell ideas and these I will share now. 

1. Healing/ comfort spell for family in general.
2. Relief spell for my Mother.
3. Money spell
4. Dark days spell- anti depression spell for me
5. Depression & Self worth spell for my Dad
6. Physical energy spell- drawing toward- for me.
7. Self confidence spell
8. Spell of protection, health, and happiness for the kitty
9. Clarity of spiritual direction- sometimes its good to reevaluate
10. Spell of focus- for writing
11. Igniting Creativity spell
12. Spell for letting that which doesn't serve, go.
13. Prosperity for family and home spell.
14. Banish mental negativity spell.
15. House cleansing and purification spell.

I will share these when I have them written and hope to get started tomorrow morning. 

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