Spell Writing Challenge

On this page you will find a spell list for a spell writing challenge of sorts that Amanda and I are doing. I will post the links of the actual spells within the list, you are free to use them at your own discretion and for your own inspiration.


This is a work in progress and I may add more along the way.

Healing Spells:

3. Dark days- anti depression spell ~ personal
4. Depression & self worth spell for family

Booster or drawing in spells:

1. Spell for improved self confidence
2. Spell for improved physical energy
3. Spell for drawing in Money
4. Spell for Igniting creativity

Pet Spells:

1. Spell of protection, health, and happiness for the Kitty

Clarity Spells:

1. Clarity of spiritual direction
2. Spell of focus- for Writing

Banishment Spells

1. Spell for letting that which doesn't serve, go
2. Banish mental negativity spell

House Spells:

1. Prosperity for family and home spell
2. House cleansing and purification spell

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